50 min

Anti-stress (soft)

A soft massage with rhythmic movements combined with gentle pressure for total relaxation.

40 min

Sport & Fitness Relaxation

An intense massage that combines specific techniques: digitopressure and pressure with an energizing and relaxing effect

50 min

“Angel” Neck & Back

A treatment that focuses on the neck and back. «Angel back» dissolves muscular tensions, relaxing the back. A relaxing massage with cupping therapy for oxygenation, warm towels, energetic equilibrium with Tibetan bells.

45 min

Manual Face Lifting

Balancing of the shoulder posture via massaging of the muscular fascia of the face, neck, and head.

40 min


Reexology, the science and art of well-being. Maintaining your vitality, relaxing, and recharging through the stimulation of specific zones of the foot. An ancient knowledge and practice for modern man.

60 min

Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle and relaxing massage performed with light pressure to eliminate the excess liquids and toxins responsible for tired and swollen legs.

50 min

Four Hands

A massage designed to relieve stress and regenerate the body performed by two expert masseurs.

80 min

With Silver Quartzite

The energy of quartz and other minerals contained therein, enhanced by aromatic essences and primordial chants, make this treatment a unique sensorial experience to grant you profound relaxation.

50 min


An anti-stress massage with little warm sachets of fresh herbs, plants, Lowers, and scented oils.

90 min

Hot Stones

A wellness massage with warm lava stones and essential oils for a unique experience toward profound relaxation.

90 min


A dynamic massage with pressure points, stretching and harmonization with the sound of Tibetan bells. The result is excellent psycho-physical equilibrium. (dressed, no oil)

55 min

With Tibetan Bells

The Tibetan bells facilitate awareness and harmony; the subtle sound produces a profound sympathetic effect, reawakening the ‘silent’ zones of the body and contracted muscles. A holistic experience.

45 min

Sea Malay «For women only»

Dedicated to feminine energy, with practices of ancient symbology and shamanistic music.

45 min

Oriental Head Massage

Oriental massage for the head and neck, enhanced with restructuring oils for the hair and scalp.

60 min


Energetic and dynamic treatment with no oil and featuring a stretching and pressing technique.

90 min


Ancient Indian massage with oiling of the entire body with warm oil, feature with soft pressure. Purifying treatment to fortify tissues, improve sleep, and eliminate physical and mental fatigue that cause stress.