Individual Rituals

80 min

Shoulders and Back

A detoxifying and relaxing muscular treatment with arnica or thermal mud in the Dr. Vitalis steam bath, followed by a relaxing massage of the back and neck.

110 min

Oasi Treatment

Body exfoliation, facial treatment, regenerating scalp massage with precious oils for healthy hair. Turkish bath, massage with oils and personalized essences.

60 min

Volcanic Clay

The application of volcanic clay in a Turkish bath, plus a relaxing massage.

80 min

Deep Cleaning with Silver Quartzite

Silver quartzite has been recognized as a curative mineral, due to its high quartz content. A deep cleansing and toning treatment with tamarack and juniper scents to activate the metabolism as well as the body energy centres freed from substances that weigh them down.

90 min

Purification with Algae and Sea Salts

This ritual entails a profound cleansing of the body and exfoliation of the face and body with sea salts and the application of algae, followed by a Turkish bath and a relaxing massage

90 min

Kusala Wellness with Slimming Mud

The treatment features deep body cleansing, skin exfoliation with hazelnut powder, warm oil massage followed by a transparent mud massage, Turkish bath session and it ends with the application of a specific cream.

90 min

Detoxicating Silk Treatment

A masterful and ancient art that makes the skin soft and silky with Ayurvedic powders, oiling with pure sesame oil, peeling with a combination of chick peas, barley, and Centella asiatica. This experience concludes with a micro-molecular steam bath and a massage with a specific cream.