90 min

Luxury facials

The treatment starts with a deep cleansing to exfoliate followed by a hyaluronic acid vial, ultrasounds, eyebrow shaping. A unique formula mask designed to create a protective barrier and stimulating the production of collagen. A facial relaxation massage to complete the experience.

60 min

Men’s facial

Conceived for dynamic and modern men who wish to improve their own image. The treatment starts with cleansing followed by a massage and it ends with an anti-stress and anti-age mask.

60 min

Royal ecobiolaB Doctor B

Personalized treatment with Alchemy Doctor B products, created following the special kinesiological protocol to erase the signs of aging on your face. Vitality and youth a mission breathing excellence, opening up to the loving experience of the knowledge of touch.

30 min

Thalasso Treatment for Eyes

Moisturising mask and draining massage to refresh and revitalize the contour of the eyes.

25 min

Eyebrows and Lashes Coloring

Coloring and shaping.

20 min

Eyebrows shaping